How about a little levity for your weekend preparations?

There has been a great deal of discussion among those interested in the brand new and increasingly controversial University of California logo appearing on the right above.

Mashable’s discussion of the online branding outrage is here. Berkeleyside coverage is here. And, News Fix coverage is here. Brian Williams even reported on the controversy during last evening’s Rock Center news program.

Our friend and guest blogger Nancy Friedman brought her typical Fritinancy flair to the topic yesterday, here.

Yet, Rod Dreher of The American Conservative might win the award for the most colorful — shall we say — answer to the question: What is this Thing, Really? In fact, it inspired the heading of this blog post, and if we had a category for Potty Humor, it would certainly qualify.

This controversy is yet one more example of the backlash that can result from questionable re-branding efforts. Stay tuned to see whether the University of California bows to the pressure from critics on this one.

In the meantime, we’ll deposit this one under our growing body of writing under the AlphaWatch category, even though the online discussions reveal that the University intends the blue background to depict the letter U, for University, and not a modern stool.

Let’s just say, hopefully there will be a favorable light at the end of the tunnel for the new UC logo, which leaves behind the verbiage “Let There Be Light” from the official seal.

Your thoughts about this new logo, which by the way, is not intended to replace the University’s seal — so, no plans for it to adorn scholarly diplomas any time soon?