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Since publishing the inaugural In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey in 2010, and releasing updated versions in 2012 and 2013, the question is no longer, “Are corporate general counsel using social media?” Most are using it to some degree, but they’re using it in different ways than the average consumer.

They congregate on LinkedIn more than any other platform to build their professional networks and consume quality information. They access attorney-authored blogs for deeper insight and analysis on narrow legal issues. They frequent Wikipedia to glean content of both a personal and business nature. And perhaps most notably, they are “invisible users” actively consuming information without engaging in online discussions and commentary. At the risk of being cliché, it’s all about the content—much more so than the channels through which they consume this content. But what types of content do general counsel value most? How do they discern what content is worthy of their time in a crowded sea of information? And what kind of information do they expect their current and prospective law firm partners to provide?

Beyond measuring in-house perspectives, the fourth edition of our survey will go deeper to inquire what law firm marketers are planning this year to produce the caliber of content that their clients so greatly value. How are they using content to get in front of GCs and demonstrate the depth of experience their firms’ lawyers possess? As the trend of corporate journalism takes shape at many organizations and professional editorial teams produce and disseminate journalistic content to educate, engage and enlighten stakeholders, what steps are law firm marketers taking to ramp up their content marketing efforts? Are they making investments and structural changes to leverage existing content and produce new content more effectively? Do they have professionals in place to oversee content marketing strategy within their departments? And to what extent are firms producing content that caters to their clients’ evolving information needs?

These are just some of the key issues to be explored with in-house lawyers and law firm CMOs and marketers in this year’s “State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey.”