Yesterday, Governor Dannel Malloy nominated Sharon Palmer, who has led the state’s chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, to be the next commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Labor.

Palmer nominated as next CTDOL Commissioner

Numerous press outlets have summaries this morning including CT Mirror, CT News Junkie and The Hartford Courant.  You can read the Governor’s press release here.

The appointment is seen by many as a political one.  Says the CT Mirror: “Democratic political operatives called the appointment politically astute: Palmer is a popular figure in organized labor, holding a senior post in the state AFL-CIO, and her choice could help ease lingering anger from unionized teachers before the election.”

Despite the political nature of the appointment, it’s hard to say that it will signal any dramatic shift in how things are done at the CTDOL.  Unlike its federal counterpart, the Connecticut Department of Labor is less prone to dramatic shifts in agenda. 

Indeed, Palmer sounded a conciliatory tone at the press conference that: ”If you know me, you know that I am a coalition builder and a collaborator.  And I will continue to work in that manner to accomplish goals for the people who brought me here today.”

The interim labor commissioner Dennis Murphy will return to his previous role as Deputy Labor Commissioner. 

You can watch the entire press conference at CT-N here. 

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