The “Gang of 8” appears to have reached a deal on the immigration bill that calls for nearly doubling the amount of border agents (almost 20,000 more), the distribution of $3.2 billion in technology upgrades for the border patrol, completion of 700 miles of fence along the border, and a specific plan for border security which must all be fully implemented before Green Cards are available to undocumented immigrants covered by the proposed legislation.  These changes are reported to gain a dozen more Republican votes, with a goal of at least 70 votes in order to have a majority solid enough to gain momentum in the Republican-controlled House.  Conservatives contest that the plan delivers an easy path towards citizenship for most of the 11 million immigrants residing illegally in the US.  In addition, they claim that the measure embraces a “big government” approach, placing a greater burden on entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.  No immediate vote is expected.