Indian tech giant Infosys has reached a $34 million civil settlement  with the US government for allegedly misusing the US visa system.  The company was accused of obtaining business visitor,  B-1, visas instead of H-1B work visas for its skilled workers.  It was also accused of billing its clients for offshore work, when the work was being performed by its employees in the US.  The settlement is reportedly the largest ever paid in an immigration case.  Infosys has denied all wrong doing , but has instituted new immigration practices and will provide the government with compliance reports.  The settlement does not affect Infosys’ access to visas or to federal government contracts.

The settlement is the result of a 2011 whistle blower suit filed by one of its employees, alleging he witnessed visa fraud and was mistreated after he complained.  As a whistleblower, the employee can receive up to 25% of the settlement amount.