Network Interference: A Legal Guide to the Commercial Risks and Rewards of the Social Media Phenomenon (2nd Edition)

by Reed Smith

In October 2009, we published the first edition of this White Paper, focusing primarily on social media issues in the United States. The response was overwhelming and far beyond our expectation — clients, friends, press and social-media communities became engaged with what we had to say. A conversation began that has yet to subside.

The issues we uncovered relating to social media run far deeper than first meets the legal eye. Nonetheless, companies and employees continue to populate social media sites in droves, all too often oblivious to those risks.

But as important as the issues are in the United States, the legal challenges posed by social media know no boundaries. They are truly global. Hence this second edition of the White Paper expanding coverage to Europe. In the future, we’ll be expanding further with more editions.

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