We’ve spilled a fair amount of digital ink discussing the power of non-verbal logos, especially the few iconic ones that can truly stand alone as silhouettes and need no color or words to convey their unique singularity:


Although I fully recognize that my bias could be playing a role, as a proud alumni of the University of Iowa, when it comes to non-verbal collegiate logos, I nevertheless challenge our dear readers to identify one that is more iconic and singular in identity than this one:

Bias again, no doubt, but this time, as a proud architecture student at the University of Texas, my oldest son points out this one:

What do you think? I know you can identify a college football team that performed better than the Hawkeyes and the Longhorns this past bowl season, but can you identify a colorless silhouette of a collegiate non-verbal logo that is more iconic and singular in identity than either of these two examples?