With four years of established data on the social media attitudes, preferences and usage behaviors of in-house counsel, and new research this year on how law firm marketers  are approaching the production, dissemination and management of content at their organizations, our latest survey reveals that we are in the era of information overload.

Our 2014 State of Digital and Content Marketing Survey, developed in partnership with American Lawyer and Zeughauser Group, indicates that while lawyers are using technology to access more information — all the time, wherever they go — they’re also struggling to separate the good content from the bad or the merely mediocre.

To create a fuller picture of the new media landscape, we expanded this year’s survey to include input from both corporate in-house counsel — the content consumers — and law firms’ chief marketing officers — who, working closely with their firms’ lawyers, are the content producers.

Reflecting the input of 189 in-house counsel and 79 law firm CMOs and marketers, the 2014 State of Digital & Content Marketing Survey suggests that law-firm marketers should build content strategies based on the principles of corporate journalism. Doing so can help them:

  • Deliberately focus on and produce content aligned with the firm’s strategic priorities;
  • Enhance the consistency, quality, reach and shelf life of existing content;
  • Ensure that content reaches its intended audiences, and devise new content vehicles to position their brands strategically.

We invite you to visit the survey website for a copy of the full results. Be sure to follow the site for updates on new information and perspective in the coming weeks and months.