Now it seems that competing truck manufacturers are using very similar, new slogans. This month, AdWeek had an article about Chevrolet abandoning “CHEVY RUNS DEEP” for “FIND NEW ROADS.“ The new slogan had two audiences: consumers and its employees. After finishing the article, I was struck by how common that new tagline seemed when applied to trucks.

I also couldn’t help but compare this to one of Chevy’s rivals, Ford, which has recently been using GO FURTHER. And, like the article says about Chevy’s new slogan, Ford’s slogan is likewise intended to be a mantra for its employees.

Another rival of Chevy in the truck market is Toyota, which has recently introduced the similarly themed LET’S GO PLACES.

Seems like pathways to the future are ruling the slogans of the truck genre. What do you think about Chevy’s new theme in view of its competitors?