July 27th, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT

Spreadsheets and word processors were not designed for collecting and organizing documents for deposition or trial preparation. Manual workflows of toggling between spreadsheets and email to copy-and-paste Bates numbers, email versions to collaborators, or cross-reference paper transcripts could lead to critical time inefficiencies and human error. Join ediscovery expert and attorney, Michael Simon and Everlaw Product Manager, Kevin Kraft as they discuss:

  • How traditional case and deposition preparations are laborious and error-prone
  • Trends in purpose-built deposition preparation tools
  • How Storybuilder by Everlaw can automate key workflows like building timelines, drafting narratives with drag-and-drop document links, and easily analyzing deposition transcripts


Kevin Kraft

Kevin Kraft
Product Lead

Kevin Kraft is a Product Lead at Everlaw, where he helps bring new features from idea to implementation. As a litigator before Everlaw, he focused on financial technology law, ediscovery, and brought eight cases to trial at a DA's office. Kevin is a graduate of UC Berkeley School of Law.

Michael Simon

Michael Simon
Seventh Samurai, LLC Consulting

Michael Simon is the Principal of Seventh Samurai, LLC consulting. He helps law firms, legal departments, and government agencies manage their ediscovery, Privacy, and Information Governance issues. Michael is also a practicing attorney, and he was an early innovator in using electronic evidence to win cases for his clients. He has been an adjunct professor at Michigan State University College of Law and Boston University School of Law. He has made over 100 presentations and written dozens of articles on ediscovery and legal technology topics.