The four-year funding report, entitled New Funding Proposals to Support Climate Action, identifies how three recently approved funding streams will help Maine achieve its climate change mitigation and adaptation targets:

  1. The Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan for over $1 billion in federal relief funds;
  2. $140 million bond package presented by Governor Mills; and
  3. State of Maine Supplemental Budget (FY 2022-2023)

Among other priorities, the electrification of the transportation sector is the focus for over $160M of the Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan, including the following three initiatives:

  1. Establishing the Maine Connectivity Authority to ensure universal access to broadband ($150M);
  2. Launching a workforce transportation pilot ($5M); and
  3. Expanding municipal and public electric vehicle charging stations ($8M)

The Governor’s bond package and the State’s Supplemental Budget also fund climate change adaptation and mitigation investments in improving rural transit, broadband, and land and water conservation.

A summary of the GEO’s and Office of Policy Innovation and the Future’s presentation to the EUT is available here.