I’ll admit, this is a bit of a new one, courtesy of the Journal.  That populist streak that’s been upending the US political spectrum the past 18 months or so?  Yeah, that’s the Fed’s fault.  Read on and see if you agree – WSJ

With that take in mind, it’s probably unsurprising that many are concerned about the impact of Fed Chair Yellen’s Jackson Hole speech tomorrow on the Fed’s normal arena of influence: the markets – WSJ

Plaintiffs in the Forex MDL currently in NY federal court argued this week to Judge Lorna Schofield that the 2d Circuit’s recent ruling dismissing some plaintiffs in an aluminium price fixing suit did not apply to rob them of standing in the Forex matter at hand – Law360

Bloomberg updates us on the Neuromama Ltd. saga—where there’s even more than meets the eye behind the unprecedented surge in market value for a company with even less than first thought – Bloomberg

Add another billion to VW’s US total stemming from its emissions cheating scandal.  VW’s announced plans to resolve legal claims by dealers hit hard by the scandal by paying them a reported  $1.2 billion – NYTimes

Interestingly enough, that’s the exact amount of money that Uber lost during the first half of 2016.  No connection there, other than in both cases—ouch – NYTimes and Bloomberg

If you have friends in the Bay area, it may seem like all they do is bike and work and talk about how expensive housing is.  The Times suggests that—at least for the first two—that’s just about right – NYTimes

Those of you out of state will never understand this until you experience it for yourself.  In the meantime, enjoy this virtual taste of all of the new eats at the Great Minnesota Get Together.  I WANT TO GO TO THERE [so I will, probably a few times] – Strib

Have a great weekend.