Allen & Overy LLP

​The CSSF press release 19/41 of 2 August 2019 informs UK firms, UCIs and/or their managers established in the UK (authorised under the UCITS Directive or AIFM Directive) having passported their services into Luxembourg that the Brexit notification forms to apply for a 12-month transitional regime to continue existing activities after a hard Brexit are now available on the e-Desk portal. These Brexit notifications must be made before 15 September 2019, including by entities which have already submitted an authorisation application with the CSSF.

  • CRD/MiFID/PSD/EMD firms will have to provide information on their post-Brexit intentions in the form; and
  • UCIs and/or their managers will have to submit an additional application file to the CSSF before 31 October 2019 to benefit from the transitional regime and, if needed to continue business beyond the transitional period.

A notification is required for each licence held in Luxembourg. The forms are available in English and no prior registration with a Luxtrust certificate is required to complete the forms.