McDermott Will & Emery

July 26th, 2021
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM ET

Precision health has the potential to dramatically transform the healthcare landscape by developing cutting-edge solutions that significantly improve patient outcomes. Now, following its contributions to the groundbreaking development of the COVID-19 vaccines, greater focus is on precision health than ever before. Extending beyond cancer care, the recent development of tools that advance the efficacy of diagnosis and treatment for numerous diseases are increasing engagement and improving the patient experience, ushering in a new era of precision health.

This exclusive webinar series will bring together industry insiders and healthcare leaders at the forefront of precision medicine. These highly experienced professionals will share thought-provoking perspectives on the future potential of this fast-moving field. They will also discuss strategic, financial, and legal and regulatory planning considerations and explore where to find the greatest opportunities.

Webinar 3: The application of precision medicine in direct-to-consumer uses is growing in areas such as genetic testing, research engagement and lab arrangements. Our speakers will share best practices, including insights surrounding rules for consumer protection and substantiation of claims, the importance of engaging with the community, and the impact research can have in identifying risk and developing more personalized treatment plans.

• McDermott Speakers: Jiayan Chen, Lesli C. Esposito and Michael W. Ryan
Alicia Zhou, Chief Science Officer, Color Genomics