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The Office of Air Quality (“OAQ”) of the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment (“ADEE”), Division of Environmental Quality (“DEQ”) released its annual State of the Air Report (“Report”) on February 29th.

Prior to its release, OAQ Interim Associate Director, Will Montgomery, and OAQ State Implementation Plan section manager, Tricia Treece, presented the Report to the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission monthly meetings at its February 28th meeting.

At the meeting, ADEE Secretary Becky Keogh discussed the state’s air quality. Arkansas is meeting or exceeding all federal National Ambient Air Quality Standards at all monitored locations throughout the state. Further, she noted the progress DEQ has made in submitting approvable State Implementation Plans (i.e., “SIPs”) to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This achievement is one of many noteworthy items included in the both the State of the Air Report and an accompanying 2019 State of the Air Dashboard.

Other accomplishments and metrics of interest include trends in the following areas:

  • Permitting
  • Compliance
  • Planning
  • Certificates and Licenses
  • Grant funding opportunities

The OAQ began releasing annual State of the Air reports in 2017. Each report is a look back at the previous year’s air quality and programmatic trends.

The State of the Air report and 2019 State of the Air Dashboard may be accessed here