In this issue, we look at some of the key employment law developments that have taken place over the past month. In particular, we examine: the Pension Regulator's new powers under the Pension Schemes Act 2021; mandatory and voluntary pay gap reporting; the long-term shift towards flexible working; and two contradictory decisions on employer justified retirement ages.

Employer resources and new regulations

United Kingdom: In recent Insight articles, we have taken the opportunity of discussing new changes to the pensions landscape brought in under the Pension Schemes Act 2021 (Act). Here we pick up on this theme to discuss an aspect relating to the Pensions Regulator (TPR)'s expanded powers under the Act.

Exploring mandatory and voluntary pay gap reporting in the UK

United Kingdom: Gender pay gap reporting in the UK is mandatory for some employers, but a large number of organisations also report on other types of pay gap.

What will long-term shifts toward flexible working mean for employers and employees?

United Kingdom: The recent move to home working and flexible hours happened out of necessity in response to COVID-19. Many organisations across the world have decided that, even as restrictions ease, it is worth retaining many aspects of this new and often more flexible way of working.

EAT upholds different conclusions on same policy in age discrimination cases

United Kingdom: The EAT upheld two seemingly contradictory decisions on the same compulsory retirement policy and the same employer in similar circumstances, finding age discrimination in one case but not in the other.

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