Business is anything but business as usual. During the pandemic law firms have had to pivot, embracing technology and rethinking how to retain and bring in new business.

During the pandemic, many law firms created remote workshops, seminars and embraced interacting with clients online. Law firms must leverage this profound online shift by creating a robust online-digital presence.

People are spending more time online and more time on social media. Each social channel has unique strengths that can be utilized to gain competitive edge online.


Here are the top benefits of the most popular social channels:

Facebook is the fifth largest search engine in the world. Over 85% of all online searches are made using Google followed by YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft Bing (Pew Internet Research).

Although your prospects may never use Facebook, the truth is that when searching for anything online, you very may well click into Facebook post. Sharing content regularly on your Facebook company page will generate high levels of awareness about your law firm.

LinkedIn highlights the firm’s services, expertise, recommendations and connections. Share insights about best practices and services offered to create awareness about your firm. Post regularly on LinkedIn to build credibility and trust with your core stakeholders.

Instagram is essentially a visual platform. Users share emotive images and videos. If the firm’s message is visual, this may be a good place to connect with your audience.

Twitter is primarily text limited to 240 characters. Breaking news is shared on Twitter reaching powerful thought leaders who can amplify your message giving your message instant credibility.

YouTube is the second largest search engine reaching over a billion people monthly (Pew Internet Research). YouTube is a powerful marketing tool that can help bring in more business.

Video is 10 times more likely to be watched than text. Sight, sound and motion connects with your prospects, personalizing your message building trust and authority.


Follow these creative tips when making videos and blog posts:

  • Create highly engaging content by providing useful advise and insights.
  • Add a call-to-action to opt-in to your newsletter or blog. Create a pop-up that prompts the viewer to enter their email and subscribe to your channel or newsletter.
  • Engage via email and on social channels with personal notes about client’s achievements, etc. to kickstart conversations with current and future clients.‌
  • Build trust and credibility by sharing frequent updates from reviews and testimonials from clients.


Google My Business (GMB) is a free digital platform that details the services your firm provides. It’s a powerful business tool to help your law firm stand out amongst the local competition.

All of your online profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Bing, and Google) should be thoughtfully completed. The more detailed the information provided in your profiles, the more likely prospects will employ your services.

Optimizing your law firm should be done within the website and on directories so your website is ranked on the first page of a search. Webpages must be coded to ensure they will rank well for online searched. Your firm must also be listed in the top online directories, that way your firm will rank well on searched as well.

Optimization can be expensive, weigh the cost based on your marketing objectives to maximize your return-on-investment.


Digital and social media channels are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional media such as print, radio and television. Develop an integrated marketing plan that targets your prospects.

An integrated marketing plan starts with creating engaging content. Your website is your business card. It should detail your services, staff, testimonials and recommendations from past clients.

Published posts should be created on your website, then this content can be shared on your social channels. When sharing content, the posts links should re-direct back to your website. That way prospects can review details about your law firm.

Additionally, shared posts can be boosted by extending the reach. Targeting your prospects with a modest ad spend can result in new business. Always add a call-to-action to capture email and phone leads.

Recommended digital channels that you should follow and add to your integrated marketing efforts include: Above The Law, JD Supra, ABA Journal, Attorney at Law, and LawJobs.


As we transition to this new normal, understand that while there is nothing better than face-to-face meetings, teleconferencing is an efficient tool to keep in contact with and connect with existing and new clients.

Invest in robust cybersecurity to protect your firm’s intellectual property. Hire a consultant to advise you to help mitigate the risk of exposing your data.

Develop policies and protocols to mitigate the risk to exposure from phishing scams. No security software can deter your firm’s data from being hacked, but should protocols can insulate you from being responsible from an attack.


Law firms need to understand that a digital footprint is critical to your firm’s success. Data captured from your website and social shares provides a wealth of insights into who and where to secure new business.

  • Understand how to analyze and leverage your data points to increase billings with existing and new accounts.
  • Engage with your clients, ask what services they need and add on attorneys who can serve those needs.
  • Rethink retention programs to evaluate what services the firm offers are profitable and what services should be added to improve the bottom line.
  • Use teleconferencing to keep the lines of communication open with your clients. There is nothing new here, good old fashioned follow though makes it rain.

In this new normal understand that you need to retool the old school methods by leveraging the technology readily available to bring in new business.

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