Dow20k is real.  Soooooo . . . .  What next? – NYTimes and Bloomberg

The recent US rejection of the TPP will have wide-reaching effects in Asia. Among them is the strong likelihood of 80s-style trade warring between Japan and the US – NYTimes

Boeing’s much-anticipated (and delayed) Dreamliner is finally turning a profit, and the aircraft giant’s shares are reaping the benefits – Bloomberg

J&J has snapped up Swiss biotech firm Actelion for $30 billion in cash, about a month from walking away from merger discussions – NYTimes and WSJ

The latest from the battle over the DOL’s new fiduciary rule taking place in federal court in Texas – Law360

Recent Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse RMBS-related settlements have prompted Scotland’s RBS to add an additional $3.8 billion to its Q4 legal spend for anticipated investigation and litigation in the US – NYTimes and WSJ

We lost Mary Tyler Moore yesterday—which hit especially hard here in Minnesota—and there’s perhaps no better expression of her impact on the world than what she meant to one of entertainment’s brightest [and most powerful] stars – DVDFilmFun