The Aetna/Humana proposed merger is officially history, just weeks after a federal judge blocked the deal over antitrust concerns – WSJ

We’ve talked a fair amount about the switch to chip & pin card systems over the past few years. But how about a lack of cards altogether? Because that’s what the banks have in mind – NYTimes

Online card fraud, however, is another matter entirely.  And the EU’s proposed solutions haven’t been welcomed by retailers. Look for this battle to hit the States in the coming years – WSJ

While we’re at it, Wendy’s will continue to deal with fallout for a data breach that plaintiffs claim was the result of a too-slow move to chip & pin technology – Law360

It’s been weathering storms of criticism of late, but excitement over the next iPhone has helped propel Apple shares to their highest closing ever – WSJ and Bloomberg

They’re playing ball at OPEC [so far, at least], but the always-tenuous deal is uncertain, at best – NYTimes and WSJ

And then there’s this move by Saudi Arabia, OPEC’s biggest current producer – Bloomberg

You’ll be happy to know that Hank Greenberg has a few thoughts to share on his recent settlement with the NY attorney general – Law360 and NYTimes

Ketchup splatter got you down?  Tired of waiting for the flow?  Thank goodness for the Australians (one prof in particular) – NYTimes