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The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (DT&F) recently provided industrial development agencies (IDAs) in New York State with new guidance relating to the provision of sales tax exemption benefits by IDAs. Given the heightened scrutiny surrounding the provision of such benefits by these public authorities, this guidance should be welcome news for IDAs.

New Tax Bulletin

Earlier this month, DT&F provided IDAs with Tax Bulletin TB-ST-385.  TB-ST-385 provides an excellent overview of how IDAs work with their agents, operators and contractors to provide sales tax benefits and how the relevant DT&F Forms (i.e., ST-60, ST-62, ST-65, ST-120.1, ST-123 and ST-340) are utilized in that process. TB-ST-385 should prove to be a useful reference material for any IDA in its ongoing compliance efforts.  Click here to access TB-ST-385.

Upcoming Webinar

In its letter accompanying TB-ST-385, DT&F announced that it would be providing a webinar for IDA board members and staff on March 27, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. The webinar will cover the sales tax responsibilities of IDAs and provide instruction on properly completing and filing the various DT&F forms. To register for the webinar, IDAs are instructed to visit www.tax.ny.gov (search term “IDA” in upper right corner) and then select “Register for IDA webinar.”  We would strongly encourage our IDA clients to register for the webinar and to do so soon, as space is limited to 250 participants.  

New Email Subscription Service

Also referenced in the DT&F letter is a new email subscription service being offered by DT&F for IDAs.  The new service will provide, among other things, notifications relating to law or policy changes, upcoming webinars and new guidance documents/forms. IDA board members and staff can sign up for this service at www.tax.ny.gov (search term “subscribe” in upper right corner).  We would encourage our IDA clients to register for this service.