In what can only be described as a Lazarus-like return, the Ex-Im Bank is reportedly nearly back on its feet again. The White House has chosen Kimberly Reed to helm the agency after prior nominee Scott Garrett was rejected by the Senate in December. Her confirmation could help push along a “three-year freeze that has held up more than $40 billion of export deals” – WSJ

Speaking of exports and imports, the White House will release its list of $50 billion-worth of Chinese goods subject to tariffs (and could hint at $100 billion more) today, though the timing on enforcement is as yet unknown – NYTimes and Bloomberg and WSJ and Marketplace

We’ve tracked all of the drama surrounding the competing bids for Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.  But let’s step back a sec to ask, why is it such a big deal? Dealbook helps answer the question “What’s so special about 21st Century Fox” – NYTimes

Meanwhile, next up for the notoriously staid AT&T? “A load of Hollywood headaches” – WSJ and NYTimes

The SEC delivered some much-needed good news for cryptos yesterday by announcing that transactions involving Ether “aren’t subject to federal securities rules” – Bloomberg and Law360

The CFTC agreed – Law360

Third rail no more, it seems. After years of avoiding forgiveness of student loan debt, bankruptcy judges are “more open to chipping away] at the decades-old guidelines that determine how such debt is treated”—a direct product of the staggering amount of US student loan debt load ($1.4 trillion and counting) – WSJ

Masayoshi Son and his SoftBank empire are still looking for winners to back. Office-leasing startup WeWork may be in his sights. And here are a few other potential targets for the Vision Fund – NYTimes

The DOJ has earned a 3-month stay of depositions in a civil class action in SDNY court that will allow the government to continue its criminal probe into an alleged Forex rigging scheme involving traders from JPMorgan, Barclays, RBS, Citi, and UBS – Law360

Strong consumer spending data helped propel the US economy towards an impressive quarter of growth and is likely to put some distance between America and the economies of Europe and Asia—both of which are seeing some “softness” at the moment – WSJ

Messy Brexit negotiations could prompt a postponement of England’s actual departure from the EU—currently scheduled for March 2019 – Bloomberg

Here’s an interesting look at how some investors are pushing back against banks’ increasingly common practice of “collecting loads of data on what their clients are reading and when” to goose the banks’ giant research arms – WSJ

America won’t be playing, but that shouldn’t stop us (and #PurdonNation in particular) from happily watching this year’s World Cup with hopes of the inevitable “transfixing, transporting, and transcendent moments” the next weeks will bring – TheNewYorker

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