Continual rejections worked for Hershey in fending off Mondelez’s takeover bid. The Deal Professor thinks that Tronc faces considerable risks in following the same strategy with Gannett’s repeated overtures – NYTimes

The Chicago stock exchange is implementing an IEX-like speed bump in an effort to address “aggressive trading” – WSJ

The future of the US economy comes down to a battle of the economists—and probably a healthy dose of glass half full/empty-ism – NYTimes

How about a bank to push the IPO envelope this year (a smidge, at least)?  That’s the plan with Nashville’s PE-backed CapStar putting a $46 million IPO out there – Law360

Theranos was looking to change to conversation when it announced plans to dive into the world of Zika-virus blood testing.  Was would be the key word there – WSJ

Tax experts weigh in on Apple’s shot to successfully appeal the $14.5 billion adverse tax ruling from the EU – NYTimes

And here’s why it’s worrying other companies in the US (and US regulators) – WSJ

More on that growing Uber/Alphabet rift: it’s not just about self-driving cars. Nope, we’re talking ride sharing and maps, too – TechCrunch

A former Monsanto exec who blew the whistle on “accounting improprieties” related to the company’s Roundup product is set to receive more than $22 million from the SEC (stemming from a $80 million settlement with the chemical giant) for his tip – NYTimes and WSJ

Lovely tributes to Gene Wilder have abounded since news of his passing this weekend.  I happen to like this take from the Times’ Wesley Morris – NYTimes