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The Southwest Power Pool (“SPP”) issued a January 29th news release referencing its Board’s:

  • 2019 Goals
  • Approval of New Rate Schedules
  • Endorsement of 2018 Transmission Planning Report

SPP is based in Little Rock, Arkansas.

SPP’s Chief Executive Officer, Nick Brown, is quoted as stating that the organization will focus on projects in 2019 including:

  • Implementing RC services in the west, scheduled to go live in December.
  • Replacing our settlements system, which processes more than $20 billion per year in revenues that flow through our markets.
  • The Schedule 1A Task Force’s work to revamp how we collect fees to support SPP’s administrative services.
  • The Holistic Integrated Tariff Team’s review of SPP’s transmission planning, markets and cost-allocation processes to look for improvements.
  • The Value and Affordability Task Force’s analysis of how we recover costs for transmission investments and the ongoing benefit members receive from SPP and transmission infrastructure.
  • Continuing to improve our study process that facilitates connecting new generation to the grid.
  • The news release references the 2019 SPP Transmission Expansion Plan Report which identifies planned transmission projects along with those completed in 2018.

Discussed are 98 transmission system upgrades in seven states that were completed at a cost of $779 million.

A copy of the news release with a link to the 2019 Transmission Expansion Plan Report can be found here.