Married couples with a property settlement agreement who do not have minor children are now allowed to obtain divorces without any waiting period. This is a wonderful change from the previously required one year separation period, where spouses would have to live separate and apart from one another for a year or more prior to being permitted to file for divorce.

This change in the law has created a new ground for divorce in Maryland called Mutual Consent.  This new ground will expedite divorces where the two people can mutually agree on the division of their property and alimony.

The only requirement to obtain a divorce based upon Mutual Consent is that you have an agreement regarding the division of marital property and alimony.  Great care should be taken in drafting this agreement, as it could have a long lasting impact on your financial future.

Please make sure to consult with an attorney before entering into an agreement, and obtaining a divorce based upon Mutual Consent.