As mentioned in a previous blog, depositions are illegal in mainland China.  As lawyers and paralegals know all too well, however, few barriers are actually insurmountable.  The simplest and oft-used solution to the problem of scheduling Chinese depositions is to move them a relatively short distance, to Hong Kong.  Hong Kong permits the taking of voluntary depositions, regardless of the nationality of the witness, as long as compulsion is not used.  Provided the witness is willing to travel, voila!  Problem solved.

Hong Kong is a party to The Hague Evidence Convention, but imposes no restrictions when it comes to taking depositions.  Once you have determined that the witness will travel to Hong Kong, you can contact a global court reporting firm (with reporters, videographers, and interpreters living in Hong Kong) to coordinate all the details.  The reporter can reserve a conference room in a hotel or conference facility.  Should any attorneys need to participate via videoconference or live stream, the videographer can test the internet speed beforehand and closely monitor the connection to ensure no interruptions.

An additional benefit to working with a court reporting firm with reporters and videographers living in Hong Kong is that there will be no travel expenses for the team.  No need to fly in a reporter from the States when you have realtime reporters living in Hong Kong, eliminating a substantial expense to your client.  Additionally, local contacts can enhance your stay in Hong Kong.  You’ll have an inside edge for the most savory cuisine Hong Kong has to offer.  Additionally, the local team can fill you in on the most popular tourist attractions

To really maximize your time in this magnificent country, take advantage of the court reporting firm’s additional services.  The reporter and videographer can take care of all printing needs for your depositions, leaving you with more time for crucial preparation (or more sight-seeing!).  They can also arrange for the confidential shredding of any documents at the conclusion of the depositions and provide a certificate of destruction.  Professionals with years of experience covering depositions in Hong Kong (and throughout Asia), this team will ensure your depositions run smoothly and with fewer interruptions, thanks to expertise in the latest deposition technology, as well as accurate interpretation.