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The Office of Air Quality (“OAQ”) of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality publishes a quarterly newsletter (“Newsletter”).

OAQ recently published the Fall 2018 edition.

The Newsletter addresses topics such as:

  • Associate Director’s Update (Stuart Spencer)

  • Regional Haze – Replacement of the Federal Implementation Plan

  • June 2018 Beneficiary Mitigation Plan

  • Reducing of the Number of Administratively Incomplete Air Permit Applications (Recommendations)

  • Expansion of the Use of the ePortal System to OAQ Compliance (noting benefits)

  • Advocating Mulching as Opposed to Burning Leaves

  • Quarterly OAQ Asbestos Program Meeting with the Regulated Community (including topics addressed)

    • Certification application and Notice of Intent forms content

    • Regulation 21 definitions for contractor consultant

    • Training provider notification regarding class schedule and attendance

    • Enforcement of Regulation 21 violations, inspector practices and the inspection program

  • Enforcement Lean Event Update

A copy of the newsletter can be found here.