Apollo Global has settled its ongoing dispute with federal regulators, with the private equity firm agreeing to cough up $53 million to the SEC over an “array of [alleged] securities law violations” – NYTimes and WSJ

White Collar Watch breaks down the troubled father/son relationship at the center of the recent Sean Stewart (ex JPM banker) conviction – NYTimes

Concordia’s making an [unfortunate] play at being the next Valeant – WSJ

A couple of ex-Goldman hedge funders are looking to cash in on the remains of the housing crisis and some “unusual” contract wording that they’re betting will lead to a windfall when a legal battle over BofA’s crisis-era settlement is resolved – WSJ

After a booming month of new home sales (highest level since 2007), the Upshot’s ready to declare the housing market “finally” starting to look healthy.  And wonder of wonders, it appears as if we have millennials to thank – NYTimes

Say what you will about Putin’s Russia, but let’s dish out some serious credit to Russian central-bank chief Elvira Nabiullina for reversing Russian markets’ slump—a process she kicked off with a painful de-pegging of the ruble to the dollar and a steep increase in interest rates back in November 2014 – WSJ

There’s old money, and then there’s old money, European style – Bloomberg

Instagram not as “vacation ruiner,” as some complain, but as rough guide book.  Check it out – NYTimes