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The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation released on February 5th reports addressing issues involving per- and polyfluorinated substances (“PFAS”).

The reports address:

  • PFAS and landfill leachate
  • Evaluation of the impact of landfill leachate on PFAS concentrations at wastewater treatment facilities
  • Evaluation of treatment alternatives for PFAS leachate

Information generated by the reports include:

  • Testing results from 19 wastewater treatment facilities, certain industrial discharges, and landfill leachates
  • Landfill leachate management options
  • Development of related water quality standards for Vermont lakes and rivers

Activities associated with the reports included:

  • Sampling wastewater treatment facilities’ effluent for PFAS
  • Sampling solid byproducts produced by wastewater treatment facilities for PFAS

The sampling included testing for 24 PFAS chemicals.

Samples from waste at the New England Waste Services of Vermont Landfill for PFAS in landfill materials was also undertaken. The materials sampled included:

  • Industrial sludges
  • Contaminated soils
  • Bulky waste
  • Textiles
  • Carpeting
  • Commercial customer wastes

A link to the three reports can be found below.