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The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (“ISRI”) announced that China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection issued final scrap import standards.

The standards are denominated the Environmental Protection Control Standards for Imports of Solid Wastes as Raw Materials (GB 16487.2-13) ("Standards”)

China had previously announced its intent to ban the import of certain scrap materials by the end of 2017. Such a development is extremely important to the scrap and recycling industries in the United States and other countries because of China’s significant use of scrap. It has been the largest importer of such materials in the world.

ISRI notes that the final scrap Standards have not changed from those originally proposed in November. The contaminant thresholds are stated to include:

  • Smelt Slag 0.5
  • Wood 0.5
  • Ferrous 0.5
  • Nonferrous 1.0
  • Electric Motors 0.5
  • Wires and Cables 0.5
  • Metal and Appliances 0.5
  • Vessels 0.05
  • Plastic 0.5
  • Autos 0.3