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Q:  What does it mean when my case has been appealed?

A: If your case is appealed, it can mean different things depending on the venue and stage of litigation. However, for most civil matters in district court, appealing a verdict or order means a party asks the Iowa Court of Appeals or Iowa Supreme Court to review the decision. 

In most cases that have been appealed, the Iowa Court of Appeals will review the verdict or order and render a new decision. The decision will either affirm the district court verdict or order, reverse the verdict/order, or remand (send back) back to district court for further findings and conclusions. 

If a party does not like the decision of the Iowa Court of Appeals, then the matter can be appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court. The Iowa Supreme Court may deny to hear the appeal. If it does hear the appeal, it will likewise affirm, reverse, or remand the underlying verdict or order. 

If your case is appealed, expect it to take a long time before you receive a decision. Appeals at both the Iowa Court of Appeals and Iowa Supreme Court levels involve written briefs submitted by all parties and oral arguments. Generally, it takes months or years to go from a district court verdict/order to an appeal decision from the Iowa Supreme Court, if your appeal even makes it that far. And that’s not counting if there is a remand or new trial.