On December 23, the government amended the Resolution ‘On measures to improve information security in the global information network the Internet’ dated September 5, 2018, No. 707. These changes came into force on December 24, 2020. The document is published in Uzbek and is available here.

This procedure applies to information resources available for use in Uzbekistan. Information resources include a website, website pages, social networks and messengers.

The following procedure for requesting the removal of illegal online content has been approved:

  • the regulator (the Center for Mass Communications of the Agency for Information and Mass Communications of Uzbekistan) detects prohibited information in information resources, including in the texts of comments left by users on the resource;
  • no later than 24 hours after the discovery, the regulator sends a notice to the owner of the website, web page and/or messenger, as well as to the blogger to remove the illegal information:
    • the notification is sent electronically (email, official page in social networks or messengers);
    • the notice indicates the name of the information resource on which the prohibited information is placed and the date of its placement.
  • within 24 hours of receiving the notification, the owner of the information resource or blogger must remove the prohibited information and report back to the regulator;
  • if the prohibited information is not removed, the regulator can apply to the administration of the social network or messenger or to the court for the removal of such information.