A recent blog highlighted the benefit of designating confidential portions to be redacted while at the deposition. Portions designated as such are redacted at no cost. So, depending on the size of the case and the extent of the confidential information, this can result in a significant cost savings to your client! There are times when portions are not designated as confidential at the deposition, however, and need to be designated as such after the fact.

With attorneys and their paralegals juggling so many details and deadlines, efficiency and accuracy is vital when a court reporting agency produces the transcripts. This applies to any revisions requested after the final has been produced. A clean, accurate transcript with all appropriate designations included must be received on time to avoid delays in the schedule.

As a neutral party to the proceedings, the court reporting agency will honor requests to designate confidential portions after the fact, as long as all parties are in agreement. Simply email your request to the agency’s Production Department, with opposing counsel copied and confirming their agreement to the designations and portions to be so classified. You will promptly receive new files containing the updated confidential portions, allowing you to keep the work on your case moving in a timely fashion. The files in your online repository are updated as well, with the previous versions removed to avoid confusion.