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The United States Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics and Training publishes an Environmental Case Crimes Bulletin (“Bulletin”) that summarizes publicized investigative activity and adjudicated cases supported by EPA Criminal Investigation Division special agents, forensic specialists, and legal support staff.

A copy of the September-October edition has been published.

The September-October Bulletin lists the following matters:

EPA Region


Case Type/Status


Diane Gordon

Plea Agreement/Pleaded guilty to allegedly fabricating discharge monitoring reports required under the Clean Water Act and allegedly submitting fraudulent documents to state regulators in Tennessee and Mississippi.


Charles L. Stinson, Logsdon Valley Oil Inc. aka Hart Petroleum

Indictment/Indicted for alleged violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act by allegedly willfully injecting fluids into a sinkhole not permitted and authorized by rule for underground injection.


Eric Jay Weckwerth-Pineda, Tanner John Sik

Sentencing/Sentenced to one year of probation and ordered to pay $1,138,772.06 in restitution for allegedly causing thousands of gallons of oil to spill into the Yellow Medicine river.


James Love

Plea Agreement/Pleaded guilty to allegedly tampering with a monitoring device and method required to be maintained under the Clean air Act.


Wyatt Travnichek

Plea Agreement/Pleaded guilty to allegedly tampering with the computer system at a drinking water treatment facility in Ellsworth County, Kansas.


Stephan Reisinger

Sentencing/Sentenced to time served, 18 months of supervised release, and a $100 special assessment for allegedly falsely stating “just water” was in tanker trailer but in plea agreement admitted to knowing the tanker trailer produced water, which can contain flammable chemicals.


Signal Peak Energy, LLC

Indictments-Information/Indicted for alleged willful violation of a health and safety standard, a misdemeanor


Christopher M. Cox

Plea Agreement/Pleaded guilty to an alleged smuggling scheme and alleged possession of child pornography and allegedly making false statements related to the Clean Air Act and possession of child pornography.

A copy of the bulletin can be downloaded here.