There’s a Fed/White House battle a-brewin’, and this Wednesday’s expected Fed move to raise rates could be a shot across the bow – NYTimes

That move and another Brexit milestone are likely to impact markets this week – WSJ

Another tech-related disappointment for the Winklevii, this time with ramifications for an entire means of payment, as the SEC has rejected an application by the brothers to create an ETF tied to the price of bitcoin – NYTimes and WSJ and Law360

HSBC’s named insurance exec Mark Tucker as its new chair, the first outsider to assume the top post as the still-struggling biggest bank in Europe works to restructure – Bloomberg

Fair Game this weekend took a look at a few competing plans for the future of Fannie and Freddie [and their profits] – NYTimes

A spate of big banks is celebrating after NY Federal Judge George Daniels freed them from an investor suit accusing them of Libor rigging. Daniels also limited investor claims in a related suit – Law360

The Journal suggests that AIG is ripe for Berkshire Hathaway’s picking.  No word yet on whether this is a KWB pipe dream or a real mega deal in the making – WSJ

After a 2016 that saw almost a quarter of a trillion in overseas investment, China Inc.’s indicated that it’s taking a bit of a breather in the year ahead – NYTimes

Still rubbing those eyes this morning and quietly cursing DST after springing forward yesterday?  You’re not alone – Bloomberg