High-performing practice areas have attorneys engaged at all levels of the group.

These short, yes-or-no questions can help you determine whether your practice groups are optimizing their business development efforts. The questions represent the minimum levels of activity seen in high-performing practice groups. If you’d like the full list of practice group business development audit questions, send an email to Eric.

  • Do at least 25% of the practice group lawyers make 15 or more outreach calls each week?
  • Do at least 50% of your lawyers have a personal contact list of 150 or more qualified clients, prospects or referral sources that they talk to at least once a quarter?
  • Is the practice group producing and sharing at least two new articles, blog posts, client alerts or other publications each month?
  • Do at least 50% of your group’s client pitches and presentations end in a new engagement?
  • Does your practice group have a business plan and meet monthly to plan, coordinate and review business development activities in the group?
  • Do at least the top 20 percent of the largest clients of the group have a client development plan that is reviewed monthly?
  • Do at least 25% of the clients of the group received annual client interviews?
  • Have at least 50% of the lawyers in the group received business development training?
  • Are business development coaches available to lawyers for specialized training, troubleshooting or to expedite their practice development initiatives?
  • Does the group’s administrative assistants staff have specific roles or duties that support the business development efforts of the lawyers in the group?

Firms that answer yes to most or all of these questions perform well above their peers. Want to learn more? Ask for my full list of practice group business development performance questions. If you would like to discuss this further, you can reach me at 502-693-4731. Or, send me an email at Eric@elegaltraining.com