Over 30 workers at a Japanese insurance company are losing their jobs following the company’s adoption of IBM’s Watson Explorer, an artificial intelligence system that will perform an important back office function at the company.

Medium laid off a big chunk of its team despite reporting impressive growth last year.

Snapchat is being sued by one of its former employees for allegedly terminating his employment and ruining his reputation in retaliation for whistleblowing.

In France, a new law requires companies to limit the time their employees are expected to respond to work-related email.

A college student in New York, one of the few states that hasn’t adopted an anti-revenge-porn law, is seeking an injunction that would require Yahoo, Google and Bing to remove her full name from their search engines, which generate more than four pages of X-rated references when a user enters her name into them.

Some children’s rights advocates think a Texas bill intended to help stop cyberbullying goes too far.

Lots of consumers are discovering products on social media, but most of them aren’t purchasing products directly off of those platforms—yet.

Trolls can undermine brands’ social media marketing efforts—unless their social media managers are as savvy as the person in charge of Wendy’s Twitter account.

Speaking of brands on social media, Cinnabon’s Carrie Fisher tweet stirred up some controversy.

Facebook temporarily banned Santa Claus’s account over the holidays.

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