Lasting relationships are tied to a shared sense of competitiveness, purpose, and culture. Many top lawyers are looking to make the move. Why, because they just don’t fit in anymore.

Culture embodies everything from the way people get on, to the core values the firm was founded on. It’s difficult to put your finger on it, but you know when something isn’t right. When the culture and the values match-up, everyone wins. When it becomes fractured, it get’s messy.

Every firm has their corporate culture, one day you’re at the top, the next day you’re not a team player. The culture within the firm may have shifted during the last merger or acquisition, and now you’re being rejected because you don’t share that passion.

Values are threaded throughout all aspects of the practice, woven into the relationship system as a whole, and reflective of these values.

Hire the wrong candidate, and you’ll likely know within a few weeks. When you get down to hammering out a deal, it becomes much more than what the firm is offering.

Work with your recruiter to find candidates whose values mirrors your firm’s culture. The best recruiters:

  • Are creative problem solvers. They find solutions.
  • Trustworthy and have an excellent reputation.
  • Connected to the players and knows what the word on the street is.

What makes your firm different from any other law firm? Why would a candidate want to work for you over other firms? Law firms want to know what is unique about a candidate and how they can further their business goals. In turn, law firms need to sell why you should work for them.