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February 24th, 2021
9:00 AM PST

When getting ready to try a case, there are many activities you need to do to prepare, including witness preparation, organizing your evidence and crafting your message to the jury. When it comes to serial litigation, these are amplified by similar fact patterns being tried in front of different pools of jurors in various venues. Add in the considerations of our new remote environment and it can seem like a daunting task for a single case, much less a series of cases, in our virtual world.

How do you prepare for trial virtually?

Join Dr. Stuart Miles and litigator, Hans Poppe Esq., to learn how they leveraged jury research techniques and tools including focus groups, mock trials and post-trial interviews in order to successfully prepare for multiple cases spanning numerous years, eventually resulting in a $21,000,000 verdict and a global settlement.

Webinar Details

The litigation that will be discussed involved alleged unnecessary cardiac procedures done in London, KY. These cases involved over 200 plaintiffs and the defendants were a local hospital, their parent company, as well as eleven local physicians. Dr. Miles and Mr. Poppe will also go over the lessons learned from trying these cases and how the trial team used this information to help settle another set of cases involving a different hospital and doctors.

Co-Host and Presenter:
Stuart S. Miles, Ph.D.

Vice President

Co-Host and Presenter:
Hans G. Poppe, Esq.

Founder and Team Leader
The Poppe Law Firm

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