While you are making your other holiday lists (and checking them twice!) this season, one you may want to think about is an "HR holiday list" – a checklist of Human Resource-related items to consider for 2015. 

These could include:

1. How long has it been since you have reviewed your job descriptions to determine if they still accurately describe your positions?

2. Related to number 1 above, How long has it been since you have done a "wage and hour self-audit" by reviewing your exempt vs. non-exempt jobs based on actual duties performed to make sure they are still classified correctly? (or How would you do one of these if you never have before?)

3. How long has it been since you reviewed your employee handbook? Are there new provisions you need to add or outdated ones you need to remove?

4. What about specifically your leave policies? Are your vacation, sick leave and other paid time off policies too generous now in light of the legally-mandated time off employees receive under the FMLA or ADA or the paid time they receive through STD or LTD benefits?

5. Is your company covered by the FMLA? (and Have you updated your employee handbook and bulletin boards to reflect this?)

6. Do you need a social media policy?

7. How long has it been since you conducted a self-audit of your I-9's? (or How would you do one of these if you never have before?)

8. When did you last conduct harassment training (a) for supervisors and (b) for all employees? (and Should you think about using a different form of training next year so that you do not appear to be just going through the motions in this area?)

9. When did you last conduct union avoidance training for your supervisors?

10. How old is your employment application/when did you last have it updated regarding new legal developments?

11. Are you supposed to have an affirmative action plan?

12. If you have one, have you updated it to reflect the new disability and veterans hiring pre-requisites?

13. Are you supposed to be filing an EEO-1 report, and, if so, what do you need to do to prepare to do so in 2015?

14. Do you have a code of ethics and/or a conflict of interest policy? If so, how old is it – does it need to be upgraded?

15. What is your current record retention policy regarding the various types of personnel-related documents – and are you following it?

16. Have you been conducting the annual training which is necessary to remain a Drug-Free Workplace in TN and GA?

17. Have you alerted whomever purchases your general liability insurance that the next time it is up for renewal you need to be involved in those discussions to make sure you have all the provisions you need in your employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)?

18. Where are you in getting prepared for the ACA requirements of 2016 (if you are an employer with under 100 employees)?

19. Do you need to update your offer letters?

20. Are there any employees you need to be asking to sign non-competition and/or non-solicitation of customers and/or employees agreements? Should you be asking some or all employees to sign a confidential information non-disclosure agreement?

21. Related to number 20 above, How long has it been since you had these agreements reviewed by an attorney to see if they are still legal or could even be beefed up to provide your company with even more protection?

22. Should you consider putting an arbitration agreement in place with all employees?

23. If you receive protected personal health information, have you conducted HIPAA training to make sure everyone with access to such information knows how to adequately protect it?  

24. Do you have an OSHA inspection response team in place?

25. Is your current time-keeping system still meeting your operational needs?

With just 25 "working days" left until Christmas, you can keep this list on your desk and check off one a day or simply work them in around your other holiday festivities! Festivus anyone???