The Revolution in Ethics and Compliance - an eBook by Mike Volkov

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"The rise of the compliance professional is the most important development in corporate governance in this century." - from the forward, by Donna Boehme

In this collection of recent essays and blog posts, attorney, leading compliance expert, and former federal prosecutor Michael Volkov helps corporate leaders understand how a culture of ethics and compliance is not only the best protection against code of conduct and legal violations, but also how such a culture creates sustainable financial benefits to a company and its employees.

Volkov writes in the book's introduction: "my hope is that my contribution can lend some weight to an already signiifcant evolution in corporate governance -- the rise of the compliance professional and the dedication of corporate leaders and organizations to ethics and compliance."

Forward by compliance strategist Donna Boehme.

Chapters include:

  • Embracing the Future - Ethics and Compliance
  • CCOs Take Note: It's the Culture Stupid
  • Essential Requirements for an 'Effective' Ethics and Compliance Program
  • The Value of an Ethical Culture
  • Defining an Ethical Leader
  • Are Ethical Companies More Profitable?
  • among others...

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