Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Come to Terms: Why Every Founder Should Embrace the Term Sheet
Negotiations over financing documents can be a painstaking process when doing so without a term sheet. Check out this article by WilmerHale Partner Gary Schall to learn more about how it is critical to execute a meaningful term sheet for transactions.

How to Survive the Coronavirus and Keep Your Startup Alive
The coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly affecting companies globally. Check out this article by CoinDesk, which provides practical advice to startup companies in how to deal with and manage the crisis at it relates to their businesses.

If You Can’t Start Your Startup Hire Someone Who Can
Hiring the right individuals is critical to a company in the startup stage. Learn more about the rules to not only finding the right team, but aligning everyone’s interest towards a common goal in this Forbes article.

For Savvy Entrepreneurs, an Economic Downturn Creates Opportunity
Seek to invest in or create a company that encourages remote work. This is just one of the tips provided in this article by Entrepreneur, which discusses opportunities available to entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 crisis.

8 Keys to Scaling Your Startup After Initial Traction
Avoid the stagnant plateau of slow growth that startups often face after their initial traction with early adopters. Check out this article by AlleyWatch, which provides eight key tips to avoiding such a plateau.