The Upshot breaks down Friday’s job report and finds a “basically healthy” economy – NYTimes

Here’s the Journal’s take, perfect for you chart-lovers out there – WSJ

In a closely watched battle over the DOL’s new fiduciary rule for retirement account investment advisers, the Labor Department has scored an early first victory. A DC federal judge ruled late last week that the rule at issue was promulgated “after an adequate analysis and within the agency’s authority” – Law360

Repatriating America’s lost trillions in untaxed out-of-US profits may be closer to a bipartisan reality (and one of the few issues that can claim that label) – NYTimes

Beijing is reportedly considering weakening restrictions on Wall Street-run investment banking on the mainland—a “long-awaited” step that could help some of the world’s biggest financial firms crack China’s much-sought-after domestic market – WSJ

An influential shareholder adviser, Institutional Shareholder Services, has backed the controversial Tesla/Solar City merger, providing a much-needed shot in the arm for Elon Musk’s grand vision – NYTimes

Whoever emerges victorious on Tuesday night (and man, let’s hope it’s all over Tuesday night) will face a bond market “approaching a turning point [that] has implications for everything the candidates want to tackle, from infrastructure spending to national security to tax cuts” – Bloomberg

The latest from the Volkswagen emission scandals includes an investigation that’s widened to include VW’s very highest executives – NYTimes and WSJ

An interesting story about how one ship managed to push Canada’s trade deficit to its highest level ever – Bloomberg