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Two House bills have been introduced addressing issues associated with Arkansas levee districts.

The House bills are 1248 and 1249.

Both bills are sponsored by Representatives Bentley and Hillman and Senators G. Stubblefield and Rapert.

House Bill 1248 would amend Ark. Code § 14-123-204 which would address the consolidation of levee districts and boards.

House Bill 1249 would add an additional subchapter to Ark. Code Title 14, Chapter 123 titled :

Dissolution or Abolition of Levee Districts

This subchapter is stated to apply to a levee district created under § 14-123-201 et. seq. Provisions provided in the subchapter include:

  • Filing a petition
  • Notice and Hearing
  • Contracts during pendency of petition
  • Valid indebtedness unimpaired
  • Claims against district
  • Partial continuance
  • Indebtedness of dissolved districts

The Arkansas Levee Task Force Report to the Governor prepared in December 2019 included a recommendation that stated:

Reviewing the adequacy of current laws and the organizational structure of the levee system and levee district boards within the State of Arkansas.

  • Recommendation: The Task Force recommends that that they work with county officials and other stakeholders to propose any needed legislation regarding annual levee reports, dates of report submission, levee assessments, dissolutions, and consolidation processes

A copy of House Bill 1248 can be downloaded here and House Bill 1249 here.