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The Illinois River Watershed Partnership (“IRWP”) released a report it undertakes annually.

The report is titled:

Annual Report – 2019

Boots on the Ground (“Report”)

The IRWP describes its mission as working to:

. . . improve the integrity of the Illinois River Watershed through public education, outreach, and implementation of conservation and restoration practices throughout the watershed.

Topics discussed in the Report include:

  • Youth Education
    • Students Educated
    • Mobile Learning Lab Goals
    • Schools Visited
    • Stakeholders Participation Hours
  • Conservation Plans for Watershed Landowners
  • Topics Addressed through Educational Sessions
    • Commercial Low Impact Development
    • Native Plant Propagation
    • The What, Why & How of Riparian Buffers
    • Residential LID
    • Rotational Livestock Grazing & Proper Forage Maintenance
    • Streambank Restoration
    • Methods of Land Conservation
  • Assessment Projects
    • Streambank Erosion Monitoring Study
    • Ecological Assessment of Priority Subwatersheds
  • Riparian Restoration Program
  • Watershed Sanctuary Field Trips
  • Mobile Water Quality Lab
  • Ecological Assessment of Priority Subwatersheds
  • Steambank Erosion Monitoring Project
  • Landowner Services Programs

A copy of the Report can be downloaded here.