May 12th, 2021
12:00 PM - 12:45 PM EDT

When making smarter decisions using matter data, there is often a missed opportunity between solely relying on big or small data. This "missing middle" has the potential to be greater than the sum of its parts.

You first need to understand small data in legal matters if you are to truly master big data using platforms such as Clocktimizer. Big data + small data + storytelling is a powerful recipe to shape decision-making and affect behavioural change.

Join us on Wednesday, May 12th at 9AM PDT/ 12 PM EDT/ 6 PM CEST, for this exclusive webinar with Anthony Widdop, Global Director, Legal Project Management at Shearman & Sterling LLP, Jessica Davis, Director, Matter Performance & Service Innovation at McCarter & English, and Pieter van der Hoeven, Co-founder, and CEO at Clocktimizer.

In this 45-minute interactive session we will:

  • Explore what is big data and what is small data and how it should be treated differently
  • Discuss how to extract the data so that it is representative and easy to digest, to help you tell the right story
  • Identify how we use BI and legal tech solutions, such as Clocktimizer, to weave a story with dashboards and visualizations to represent that data


Anthony Widdop
Global Director, Legal Project Management @Shearman & Sterling

Anthony is a change leader with experience of shaping and executing ambitious change transformations - from inception through to implementation. He has led a broad range of global change programs in law firms and financial services firms. Anthony leads Shearman & Sterling’s global Legal Project Management (LPM) program, which is a multi-disciplinary team focused on embedding change through project management, pricing, data analytics, technology, process improvement and innovation solutions — to benefit its people and clients.

Jessica Davis
Director, Matter Performance & Service Innovation @McCarter & English

Jessica is a barred attorney with over 15 years of project management and process improvement experience. She began her career as a molecular biologist before entering the legal profession. Graduating shortly after the start of the Great Recession, Jessica emerged into a climate where value and efficiency were paramount. For nearly a decade, she has focused on the client experience through her work at a technology start up and large law firms. She currently leads McCarter & English’s legal project management efforts as the Matter Performance and Service Innovation Director where she collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to design, develop, and deploy enterprise improvement strategies.

Pieter van der Hoeven
CEO & Co-founder @Clocktimizer

Pieter, former M&A lawyer, is the co-founder and CEO of Clocktimizer. Clocktimizer is an award-winning legal tech scale-up company that helps law firms to understand who is doing what, when, where, and at what cost. These insights help law firms to make data-driven decisions on pricing, budgeting and process improvement. To that end, Clocktimizer uses natural language processing to classify time cards based on their narrative descriptions.

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