Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

VC Firms Strive to Improve Diversity With New Industry Certification 
Venture capitalists are increasing focusing on diversity inclusion, both in their own funds and in the company’s they choose to invest in. This article by Pitchbook is a quick read which explores how venture capitalists like 500 Startups, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Toyota AI Ventures are increasingly turning to certifications from third party firms to evaluate their diversity initiatives.

How Do Employee Stock Options Work?
One of the foundations of a successful startup is its team, which is why it’s crucial for founders to be knowledgeable of the resources they have available when making new hires. Please see this article from MorningStar, which explores the mechanics of one of the most important resources a company has in the hiring process: the employee stock option.

On Friday, the EU Will Put Startup-Friendly Legislation to Member States—Will They Sign Up?
It’s important to keep aware of the global startup space, no matter where your corporation is based. This article by TechCrunch explores the EU Startup Nations Standard, which is a call by the EU for its member states to create a set of “best practice” policies for startups.

To Raise Funds, or Not to Raise Funds? That is the Question
The decision facing a startup of whether to raise funds or not is multifaceted and depends on the near and long-term goals of the company. TNW’s article breaks down this important decision and the factors you need to consider to determine if now is the right time to seek investment for your startup company.