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In 2017, distracted driving claimed 3,166 lives in the US alone. Any activity that distracts you from operating your car and takes your attention off the road is referred to as distracted driving.

While several activities can take away your focus from driving, talking and texting on phones are the most common threat to road safety.

Teens are more susceptible to texting and driving as 40% admitted to constantly be on their smartphone while driving in a report by Nationwide Children’s Hospital in conjunction with the CDC and The Ohio State University.

As driving requires a lot of focus and full attention, using a mobile phone while driving will affect a driver’s reaction time, making them more likely to crash. Drivers typically spend five seconds to send or read a text message, this is long enough to drive the length of an entire football field if the driver is traveling at 55 mph. 

Safe driving tips infographic from The Brown Firm

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