We bring you more interesting news from the world of land use, religion and government:

  • The Chicago Tribune reports that the Village of La Grange, Illinois Planning Commission is considering a proposed zoning code amendment that “would require churches to obtain a special use permit for certain activities, including scouting groups, not deemed part of the congregation’s mission.” Many in the religious community provided strong opposition, while some residents requested more oversight of activities such as homeless assistance programs.
  • Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) provided a letter to Washington Island, Wisconsin requesting that the municipality no longer erect a large cross for Easter sunrise service at Door County’s Percy Johnson Memorial Park. The Green Bay Press Gazette
  • Religious Clause posts on a Wall Street Journal story about Muslim leaders in India who object to requiring students to learn yoga, including “surya namaskar,” the sun salutation.
  • Thanks again to Religious Clause: Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) objects to a large sign apparently put up by the city of Hawkins, Texas on City land reading “Jesus Welcomes You To Hawkins.”
  • The Sun Journal reports that at a recent Planning Board meeting, Oxford Hill, Maine residents objected to CityReach Oxford Hills establishing a long-term faith-based recovery program for addicts.
  • The organization “Protect Wine Country” and advocates for Calvary Chapel disagree over whether the Riverside County Board of Supervisors should repeal an ordinance places time limits on the operation of non-conforming uses, including churches, the Press-Enterprise.

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