Digital health investors seem to have taken a step back to catch their breath in November after 10 months of record-breaking activity. There were only 6 investments in November of $10 million or more and only one for more than $50 million.

The largest investment of the month was a $100 million Series A round investment in Butterfly Networks. Based in Connecticut, Butterfly Networks is designing a technology to make therapeutic and diagnostic imaging simpler and cheaper by combing a hand-held device and a cloud-based analytics service. Stanford University and Aeris Capital participated in the round.

The second largest investment in November went to Ledong Information Technology that operates a health and fitness vertical web site, The company, based in Chengdu, China, also markets smart fitness-tracking wearables. It received a $30 million Series B investment that included Softbank China Ventures Capital and SIG Asia Investments.

Two software providers tied for the third largest investment of the month, each taking in $15 million.

Valence Health, based in Chicago, offers a suite of software solutions that help healthcare providers transition to value-based care. It took in a growth equity round that included Northbridge Venture Partners, Foundation Medical Partners, Heritage Group and GE Ventures.

Modernizing Medicine also received a $15 million investment in the form of a Series C round. The Boynton Beach, FL company has developed a cloud-based “electronic medical assistant” that is a specialty-specific electronic medical record (EMR) system with a large library of medical content. Investors included Summit Partners and Pentland Group.

The fourth largest investment of November went to Sentrian, based in Alisa Viejo, CA. Sentrian is a patient intelligence company that aims to eliminate preventable hospitalizations by remotely monitoring patients to detect deterioration before the problem becomes acute. Sentrian received a $12 million Series A investment. TELUS Ventures, Reed Elsevier and Frost Data Capital participated in the round.

Rounding out the top investments of the month is a Series B-II investment in InfoBionic for $10 million. Like Sentrian, InfoBionic focuses on remote patient monitoring. It has developed a platform for wireless monitoring and diagnosis of arrhythmia. It is based in Lowell, MA. Keiretsu Forum, Launchpad Venture Group, Mass Medical Angels, HealthTech Capital and Safeguard Scientifics were among the participants in this round.

This article was first published on the Network on January 5, 2015.