The DOJ vs. the AT&T/Time Warner deal.  The much-anticipated ruling’s finally in, and . . . the merger’s a go.  Repeat, the merger’s a go  – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg and MarketWatch and Law360

Which means, among many other things, that Comcast has a busy few days ahead of it – NYTimes

Tesla revealed on Tuesday that it’s cutting its work force by 9% in an effort to become profitable and move from “a niche producer of electric vehicles to a mainstream automaker” – NYTimes and WSJ and Bloomberg

As we’ve noted, it’s decision day for the Fed – Bloomberg and WSJ and MarketWatch

UT researchers are out with a paper this morning that lays out persuasive transaction-pattern evidence of the role price manipulation played in the meteoric rise of bitcoin and other cryptos last year – NYTimes

New York’s high court has limited the reach of the state’s powerful Martin Act (“a sweeping state securities law”) by halving its statute of limitations from six to three years—a ruling that could have serious implications for a spate of ongoing lawsuits, to say nothing of future ones – NYTimes and Law360

Fed Chair Powell’s considering a move to hold press conferences after every policy meeting rather than every other meeting so as to help break the cycle of markets thinking that “the central bank won’t act between press conferences” – WSJ

Johnson & Johnson has given the green light to the $2.1 billion sale of its diabetes monitoring unit (LifeScan) to private investment firm Platinum Equity – Bloomberg

The SEC announced that Merrill Lynch will pay $16 million to resolve allegations that “its employees knowingly overcharged customers who purchased residential mortgage-backed securities” – Law360

While we’re talking Fed, it’s increasingly likely that Chair Powell will soon by joined by two new Fed governors—Columbia University’s Richard Clarida (up for Fed Vice Chair) and Kansas bank commissioner Michelle Bowman – WSJ

Seattle has, as expected, axed its per-worker tax on large employers – Bloomberg

I’ve witnessed Patricia Kopatchinskaja doing her thing with the SPCO.  Which means that this glowing review of her turn as the music director of this year’s Ojai Music Festival is not surprising in the least – NYTimes

And considering we’re basically at the epicenter of this sensation, I’d be remiss not to at least give a nod to the plight of the MPR Raccoon – NPR